PC for the home posted July 2, 2010

Here at PC Doctor we believe that buying a PC is like buying a pair of shoes, or a car to go with opposite ends of the spectrum. Typically you will purchase a shoe that fits or a car that serves its purpose. You wouldn’t buy a shoe that’s too large and you wouldn’t buy a car that’s outwith your budget. What you will tend to do is buy a shoe that very much fits, is comfortable to wear and stylish. You will buy a car that suits you, one that is cost effective and one that gets you from a to b. However sometimes we like to achieve a little bit more from our shoes and cars alike. We like to have a little bit of extra style, a little more padding and on other occasions ones that can stand the test of time. A car that goes in for a service every 3 months is a car that sometimes can slow productivity. However one that is routinely maintained and looked after almost certainly stand a long test of time.

PC Doctor have 3 typical base PCs that are suited to 3 typical scenarios and we will discuss those scenarios in this article and also the next 2 upcoming from here at the lab.

  • At home
  • In the office
  • The best of both Worlds

The home PC

For a typical home PC things you may be looking to do are.

To carry out the tasks above chances are you may need an office suite such as Microsoft Office or Open Office. Both packages either come with a cost or a completely free. Depending on your usage and experience one package may outweigh the other in terms of ease of use and suitable functionality.

Browsing the web is becoming more demanding on the PC and it may be time to look at upgrading any existing tech you have to handle these demands. Things like streaming video via Youtube and also listening to music at places such as Last.fm require the Flash media codec. To have a better browsing experience you would be looking to run the latest and greatest web browser available which suits your taste. A list of available browsers are below.

Storing digital pictures and movies captured from that holiday away to France or Spain will require lots of hard disc space, and you will probably want to access that data quickly instead of waiting whilst images and videos open. PC Doctor based in Edinburgh can build a PC that works in a perfect harmony with all those devices you connect from time to time like iPods, MP3 players, digital cameras / digital video cameras and other forms of media.

Within the home you may have more than 1 device or home PC. Infact you may have laptops, PCs, iPods, gaming consoles like XBOX 360, Sony PS3 or a Nintendo Wii. Not to mention hand held devices like the Nintendo DS or DSi, Sony PSP and then of course you have mobile devices like smart phones such as the Apple iPhone, the HTC Touch and any other Android and Windows Mobile powered tech. Apple have added the iPad to the list of inter-connected devices only recently with the UK release imminent.

PC Doctor can add any new or existing technologies to a home network connected through a router enabling each device to talk to any partnered devices within the network.

We can provide training on-site to encourage you to have that tech work for you in the best possible way.

Our typical home use PC has the following specs and starts from as little as (price here) in terms of pricing. We can improve overall performance again to best-fit to your exact requirements.

Some more advanced PC users may look to perform more computationally intensive tasks from home, running popular applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier and the Microsoft Office Suite.

Those looking to have a new home PC custom made or an existing computer upgraded please do not hesitate in dropping an email to the PC Doctor. We can and will get you up and running in no time.


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