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Custom gaming build.

As you know, at PC Doctor we also upgrade PC’s, be it power wise or in this case a full cosmetic makeover.  We’re quite proud of this one. Fully controllable RGB lighting. full water cooling (including the crossfire (dual GPUs) ) with lots of hard tubing.

Just adding the right amount of colouring  here … 

So if you wanted a fully kitted out gaming PC or to beautify your existing rig, you know where to come 🙂

What lurks inside :o

Here’s some of your typical nightmares that we have have to deal with at PC Doctor.  We were expecting some kind of eight legged beast from the void in the first picture, thankfully none found. Bear in mind, we’ve seen just as bad looking Apple workstations too…G4 workstations absolutely caked.

Talking of caked, this PC was up and running when the builders were in (that was his excuse anyways). Perhaps a nice shiny new case with dust filters might have been a good idea. Maybe a nice spinky Corsair maybe 🙂

Soooooo.. maybe its time to crack that chassis open to check the horrors that lurk inside a PC …or maybe its time to upgrade to a lovely shiny new case.

In the workshop this week.

We are building a custom multimedia unit utilising the Silverstone GD09 case below. We are using pretty much the best quality fans to keep thing nice and quiet and a solid state hard drive

Once completed this could sit in anyone’s living room adjacent to their HIFI and look like part of their existing multimedia setup.

Overheating laptop Clogged fan:

A nice MSI gaming laptop came in on Monday and was constantly crashing when playing games. This is what your laptop CPU fan looks like after a few years of use ! Stripped down the fan, cleaned out the debris then lubricated the fan bearings. Reassembled then run loads of stress tests. Now working perfectly…job done.