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How Often Should I Backup My Data?

There is nothing more frustrating and disappointing when your iPhone or Macbook loses a massive load of data. In most incidences, individuals lose a life long collection of family photos or contacts. The thing about losing files and data on a device is its gone forever, poof- it’s gone! And there is no getting it back. However, our tech experts recommend saving your data before delivering a device for repair. View our extensive list of Apple Mac repair services.

Backing up data is crucial to keeping your information and data safe from deletion and losing it forever. There are many factors that can cause you to lose your catastrophic loss of data, and you can usually never see them coming. Whether it’s hackers, natural techy disasters, or you need an Apple repair of any type, you need to back your data up on a regular basis to ensure it never happens again, or at all. Find out why and how you need to backup your data:

Why Should You Backup Your Data?

Well, it’s as simple as this: so you don’t lose massive amounts of important things! You need backup your data so you never have to worry about losing information that has most likely taken years to accumulate. Not only should you backup your data before sending in your Apple device for repair or maintenance, but also it should be a regular routine thing. Especially when it comes to people whose jobs are on their Macs, or for businesses who are Apple operated, it’s especially important to do routine backups.

The preferred backup routine should be weekly, so you are constantly keeping it freshly secured. However, the most secure way of backing up your device is daily, or after your done saving or working on something highly important. If your job is on your Mac, or you are taking photos at an important wedding, doing on-the-spot backups daily after you create or save any type of data will ensure you never forget to back it up down the road.

How to Backup Your Data

How you choose to back up your file will depend on the importance of your files. Some apps and hard drives offer different benefits, but if you just need general back up such as photos and contacts, you will choose a different route than say someone who has their entire business on their Mac. Below are some of the most common choices of backing up your device:

  • External storage hard drive
  • iCloud
  • Time Machine

Follow These Backup Rules:

  • Rule #1: Whenever you are making changes to a drive (such as receiving repair services) backup everything!
  • Rule #2: Good rule of thumb: Create two backups of data on two separate hardware. This will provide extra security to your information if something were to have gone wrong with the first backup. You rather than be safe than sorry.
  • Rule #3: If your data is vitally important or confidential, keep one of those backups off site, and somewhere safe from theft, hackers, and malware.
  • Rule #4: For large amounts of data (such as 5,000 family photos from many vacations over the years), burn them to CDs or DVDs and store them somewhere safe and where you can remember where to retrieve them when you want them.

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