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PC Repairs & Upgrades in Edinburgh

Our name is PC Doctor for good reason; we can repair some of the most obscure issues relating to a slow and frustratingly poor performing PC. Our process is quick and effective and we will let you know of the costs involved.

All Upgrades Undertaken

There are some technology companies that will turn away a repair if they see it as more hassle than it’s worth. We understand those times when you simply must have your computer working again. There are numerous ways we can come up with a solution in such circumstances.

All Work Guaranteed

The PC Doctor Guarantee has been standing for as long as our bricks and mortar establishment. We can guarantee that the problems we find will be expertly repaired.

Hardware and Software Problems Solved

Intermittent and faulty hardware can be the root of all your PC woes. A domino effect when one of your PC components starts to fail could more than likely occur. You could then see a complete shutdown of your PC. This is by no means ideal and enjoyable for anyone.

What about that software you installed and was working fine yesterday, then when you tried to use it today it wouldn’t work? What happened? Did you do something wrong or was it the software? Let PC Doctor help you through these headaches.

Custom Computer Builds

Have a PC or laptop custom built to your requirements or we can recommend a suitable system for you. Prices start from as little as £265.00 for a basic tower. We will also take the time to setup your new computer at home or in the office.

We also sell refurbished PC and Laptops.

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This company has proved 100% trustworthy and reliable with exceptional technical knowledge. Great value for money. Would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

Michael Hadden

John & his team have a provided a first class service to me for many years and have responded very quickly when laptop ‘dramas’ have occurred. Always friendly, knowledgeable and, importantly for my business, prompt. I highly recommend.

Frank Kelly