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Crucial To-Do’s Before Sending in Your Apple Products For Repair

Listen up Apple owners! Before you take your Apple products to get fixed or updated, there are a few crucial steps that you need to take before handing off your device to one of our specialists. These steps are important in order to keep you from losing all your important data (that might have taken years to build up), and it’s important to keep your personal information secured. During some of the maintenance steps, unfortunately, sometimes data has to be completely wiped, or it can happen on accident. It is always best to be safe than sorry!

It would be tragic to lose years worth of contacts, photos, or important work and documents to be erased. Although, we understand sometimes a device can be so ill you can’t even perform a backup routine before dropping it off for repairs. In this case, we highly recommend always backing up your devices every day. With that said, here are some routine steps you need to take before dropping off your Apple device for repairs that are crucial to ensuring your data is kept safe.

Backup, Backup, and Backup!

Anytime you have to drop off a device at a repair service you have to backup all your drives. During most repairs, the drive will possibly be erased or replaced depending on the required troubleshooting process. It’s important to be prepared for all circumstances, because you may end up leaving with a completely new device. Regardless, you never should expect the repair service to backup your device for you.

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The most common ways of backing up an Apple device is through iCloud, by syncing all your photos, contacts etc. to your iCloud drive. In addition, you can also download all your cell phone data onto your laptop through a USB cord, if it is your iPhone needing the repairs. Same goes for your Mac, if you prefer using a USB drive, you can import all your photos or documents on your drive.

Secure All Your Personal Data

As a routine process, your primary account’s username and password will be requested, and that also includes Apple ID’s in most cases. Many people are quick to hesitate upon this request. We assure you all your information is safe and kept confidential with our professional techs, as we hold high standards for our employees through a strict code of conduct. However, it is still a good idea to change your username of the password once you have received your device back for your own comfort and assurance.

In addition to keeping your personal data protected, if you have any confidential files that need to be kept completely secret, simply save them to a USB drive or disk, delete them, then you can add them back on your device later when all is fixed.

Correctly Describe and Document Your Case

Before handing over your device, correctly and thoroughly describe the problems with your Apple devices. This will ensure the technicians will have a better understanding of what their role is, and your device will have a better chance of having a quick and easy fix! Here’s a tip: write down on a note pad every time you experience a problem.

To read more about how to backup your data, continue reading for helpful and useful data storage tips.

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